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Syria Speech Does Not Sway Congressman Bill Cassidy

Syria Speech Does Not Sway Congressman Bill Cassidy

Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy welcoming President Obama putting a hold on a vote authorizing military action in Syria, but when or if it comes, his vote will be "No".

He announced his decision following the President's address to the nation Tuesday.

"He certainly didn't make the case for intervention," Cassidy told Rush Radio 99.5 WRNO's Denny Schaffer Wednesday morning. "There's no overarching strategy, there's a lot of inconsistencies."

As for the Russian proposal to have Syria hand over its chemical weapons, Cassidy believes that is motivated by self-interest.

"The Russians know that right now 90% of Sunni nations, if not more, are totally against the Syrian use of chemical weapons. They understand that Russia is Syria's big supporter. So, if the Russians continue to support Syria - and particulary if Syria uses them again - the hostility of these Sunni Muslim nations will be turned against them, as well as frankly most of the rest of the international community."

As for why he waited until now to announce his position on Syria, Cassidy said "I'm a doctor. I try and get all my facts together when I make important decisions."

"If there's a deadline, there's a deadline.  If there's not, get your facts together."

Cassidy joins a number of GOP members in Louisiana's congressional delegation in coming out against the use of force in Syria.


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