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State Of The City Of Mandeville Is Good, Mayor Says

State Of The City Of Mandeville Is Good, Mayor Says

Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere said in his State of the City address that he delivered recently to the Chamber of Commerce that Mandeville is blessed with good schools, good infrastructure and a healthy sales tax base.

But the city was challenged by Hurricane Isaac last year, and from that experience came a lot of improvements, including better communications with the public in the form of email updates from the city to its citizens.

Villere tells 99.5FM Google even took note of the changes, naming Mandeville the Digital Capital of Louisiana based on the amount of information the city provides the public on its website.

Villere says one of the major challenges facing the city is to continue to maintain good infrastructure.

"There's a huge amount of money that's required as far as to maintain infrastructure, and we've been blessed with a fund balance to be able to do that," Villere said.

The mayor says probably the biggest goal for 2014 is "to provide a greater amount of service to the taxpayers for the money that they give us to use."




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