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Scalise Opposed To Military Strike Against Syria

Scalise Opposed To Military Strike Against Syria

Congressman Steve Scalise says he cannot support a resolution to authorize a military strike against Syria, as President Obama has called for.

"I just haven't seen the case be made by the (Obama) administration that Syria's in America's best interest right now, and I have strong concerns that we're gonna be getting ourselves involved in a civil war where they have bad actors on both sides," Scalise told 99.5FM Tuesday.

The congressman also said, "I think the President has yet to make the case to the American people of what his clear objectives are, why he thinks that this is in America's best interests."

Scalise joins three other members of the state's congressional delegation who say they're opposed to striking Syria. The three are Republican Congressman Charles Boustany of Lafayette, Senator David Vitter and Republican Congressman John Fleming.



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