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RTA Takeover Of Ferries Pushed Back

RTA Takeover Of Ferries Pushed Back

A spokeswoman for the Regional Transit Authority of New Orleans says the RTA will NOT be taking over the operation of the ferries on October 1st, as previously announced.

Patrice Bell Mercadel also tells 99.5FM that the new $2 one-way fare, along with the rest of the new fare structure, will NOT go into effect on October 1st either.

She says a more probable takeover date would be by the end of 2013. The new fares would be implemented when the RTA officially takes over.

The takeover date was pushed back because it's taking longer to get all the approvals necessary to transfer control of the ferries from the State to the RTA, Mercadel said.

"We will have all of the necessary approvals we hope by the end of November 2013, and that is if no unforeseen circumstances present themselves that we have to mitigate," Mercadel said.





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