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Pedestrian-Only Service Starts On Algiers Ferry Route

Pedestrian-Only Service Starts On Algiers Ferry Route

The Algiers-to-Canal Street ferry is now carrying pedestrians and only a limited number of motorized scooters as it returns the vessel Frank X. Armiger to service on the route.

The Coast Guard has authorized an exemption allowing motorized scooters to temporarily enter the passenger area for loading, but under the following conditions:

Motorized scooters will be charged a toll of $1.00.

A maximum of 5 scooters will be allowed aboard the vessel at a time but may be less depending on their size and the space available.

Scooter motors must be turned off prior to boarding the vessel and must remain off until the scooter is off the vessel.

A scooter will not be allowed to board the vessel if it has any oil or fuel leaks.

All scooters must be stored on the open bow of the vessel.

The scooter operator must be able to manually push the scooter aboard the vessel and maneuver it to the designated spot on the bow of the vessel. Vessel crew will not be allowed to assist in this process.

The scooter operator must remain with the scooter at all times while it is aboard the vessel.

Scooters may only briefly enter the interior passenger area while maneuvering to the bow area.



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