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NOPD Questions Person Of Interest In Gentilly Triple Murder

NOPD Questions Person Of Interest In Gentilly Triple Murder

New Orleans Police have ended questioning of a person of interest in a triple murder in Gentilly Wednesday night.

41-year-old Shawn Peterson was reportedly questioned for hours Thursday before being allowed to leave.

A 39-year old woman who worked for the NOPD as a 911 dispatcher, along with her 20-year old daughter and 18-year old son were found shot multiple times in a garage in the 4400 block of Jeanne Marie Place around 11 p.m.

While the NOPD has yet to officially identify the victims, Fox 8 reports the woman's brother Patrick Preston says they are Christine George, her daughter Trease, and son Leonard. He says Trease had picked up her mother from work and they were returning home when the shooting occurred.

Preston says it's like a dream. "Am I ever gonna wake up and be able to come there and see her? No, I'm not. Can't see my niece nor my nephew any more. I mean, what's the reason that this happened?"

Preston told Fox 8 Peterson is the father of Leonard George and that Peterson recently got out of jail.

Christine George had two other children.  Her 16-year old son was reportedly at home when the shooting occurred.  Her 20-year old son was at work.


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