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N.O. City Council Adopts $505 Million City Budget For 2014

N.O. City Council Adopts $505 Million City Budget For 2014

The New Orleans City Council unanimously approved a city budget for 2014 Thursday.

It totals nearly $505 million, and according to Council President Jackie Clarkson, reflects what the people of New Orleans said they wanted: more police, street lights and street signs.

The spending plan includes funds for 5 recruit classes to put 150 more police officers on the streets.

The Council also decided to increase the sheriff's office budget by $2 million to cover additional costs resulting from the jail consent decree.

After all the votes were taken and the budget was approved, there were plenty of congratulations to go around. Clarkson complimented her colleagues and the administration for the way they conducted the budget process.

"If you noticed, at all the budget hearings, we had full council here, most of the council most of the time. I've never seen that before, and I've never seen an administration that was willing to work with us so well. It's really been a privilege," Clarkson said.



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