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New Orleans Making Progress In Reducing Blight

New Orleans Making Progress In Reducing Blight

The New Orleans City Council got an update Wednesday from the Landrieu administration on the progress the city is making in reducing blight.

Three years ago, the administration set a goal of reducing the number of blighted properties by 10,000 over three years.

Chief Administrative Officer Andy Kopplin told the council the city has cut blight by bringing approximately 8,500 formerly blighted properties into compliance.

Kopplin also pointed out that the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center reported that the city had improved by reducing blight by over 10,000 addresses already earlier this year. He said a lot of property owners have been taking action on their own.

"When you tell a property owner we are going to take your property if you don't clean it up, that finally produced a consequence that got people to change their behavior," Kopplin said.

The reduction leaves the city with approximately 37,000 blighted properties.






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