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Louisiana Man Catches Huge Gator

Louisiana Man Catches Huge Gator

A Louisiana man's weekend alligator hunt has resulted in a colossal catch.

Jim White, of Ventress, was hunting Saturday in West Baton Rouge Parish on Solitude Point when one of his lines indicated there was something on it.

WAFB-TV reports what he found was a 13-foot, 4-inch alligator that weighed 760 pounds.

White says the state doesn't record weight in their record books, only length. The longest alligator ever caught in Louisiana was 19-feet, 2-inches. White's catch didn't make the books for length, but the weight is still worth noting.

News of record breaking alligator catches have been up in the South, with two massive gators being caught in Mississippi earlier this month. The Mississippi record for weight is 727 pounds. White's catch was 33 pounds heavier.

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