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Latest Report On Post Katrina Recovery Generally Upbeat

Latest Report On Post Katrina Recovery Generally Upbeat

A progress report on the New Orleans metropolitan area eight years after Hurricane Katrina reveals both good news and bad news.

"What we found is that we are, indeed, on a new trajectory with signs of a more competitive economy and expanded amenities; but on several metrics, we're not performing as well as the nation or those aspirational metros," says Allison Plyer, Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center (GNOCDC).

The GNOCDC has been keeping track of the region's progress post Katrina. Plyer presented the organization's latest report, "The New Orleans Index at Eight", to the City Council Thursday.

The report is generally upbeat, pointing to the progress the region has made. Plyer said the metro recovered from the recession, which took hold here in 2008, much better than the rest of the nation. And the area is strong in entrepreneurship.

"Our assessment of the economy is that it's deep enough and robust enough to integrate workers across all skill levels," Plyer said.

Plyer adds, "We've made a lot of progress and we can build on that progress by sustaining essential reforms and making sure our economy includes larger segments of the population."




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