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Landrieu To Keep Serpas As Police Chief If Re-Elected

Landrieu To Keep Serpas As Police Chief If Re-Elected

Mayor Mitch Landrieu confirmed on the Denny Schaffer Show Thursday that he plans to keep Ronal Serpas as his police chief if he wins re-election February 1.

Landrieu gives Serpas a "B" for his performance.

"I think he's done a good job," Landrieu said.

Both of the mayor's opponents - Michael Bagneris and Danatus King - have expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of Serpas and say they believe the department needs new leadership.

Meanwhile, with the trial of former Mayor Ray Nagin scheduled to begin Monday, Landrieu was asked if he's worried about the city's image because of the national attention the trial is likely to attract.

"I think people in New Orleans are past it, to be honest with you. Whatever's gonna happen next week is gonna happen, and I think it's not a reflection of what the current people of New Orleans act like or think like," the mayor said.




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