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LABI Opposes $10.10 Per Hour Minimum Wage

LABI Opposes $10.10 Per Hour Minimum Wage

A spokesman for the state's largest business lobbying group - the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry - says the group is opposed to raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour because it's a forced mandate on businesses.

Will Green, director of LABI's civil justice reform and employee relations councils, tells 99.5FM, "LABI is not against Louisiana citizens earning more money. However, we are against forced mandates on businesses to raise the minimum wage."

"LABI believes that wage increases should result naturally, not from forced mandates, but through changes in the labor market, economic supply and demand, progression up the career ladder and things like that," Green said.

Green says forcing businesses, especially small ones, to pay a higher minimum wage could lead to layoffs or higher prices for goods and services.



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