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JP Lawmaker Urges Governor To Block Use Of Common Core

JP Lawmaker Urges Governor To Block Use Of Common Core

A Jefferson Parish lawmaker is urging Gov. Bobby Jindal to stop the state from using a set of uniform national standards for public school testing, called the Common Core.

Republican Rep. Cameron Henry sent Jindal a letter asking him to withdraw Louisiana from the Common Core, calling it a "tool of federal coercion."

Henry he'll seek to bar Louisiana from Common Core in the next legislative session.

The Advocate reports that the Governor responded by saying he "shares those concerns" and has directed the state school superintendent and board of education to answer questions raised by Henry.

The newspaper reports that in a prepared statement, the Governor indicated that he supports "high academic standards" but not a "national or federalized curriculum." 

Common Core standards measure skills and knowledge in subjects such as math and English. They are being phased in by Louisiana, adopted by the state education board in 2010.

Supporters say the uniform standards will better prepare students for college and careers. Critics say Louisiana is abdicating local control of its curriculum to the federal government.

Opponents of the standards have scheduled a rally at 10am Saturday outside the state Department of Education offices in Baton Rouge.  A group called the "Stop Common Core Coalition of Louisiana" said the gathering would bring awareness to citizens of the "insurmountable flaws of the Common Core state standards initiative."

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