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Jefferson Parish To Install Floating Islands On Lake Pontchartrain

Jefferson Parish To Install Floating Islands On Lake Pontchartrain

Work crews will be spending today and tomorrow installing floating, artificial islands on Lake Pontchartrain near the Bucktown Marina to provide habitat and shoreline protection.

"We'll be installing 17, 5' x 20' floating vegetated islands that are gonna run parallel to the 3.5 acre manmade marsh on the west side of the Bucktown Marina," says Katherine Costanza, assistant director of the Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs.

"The islands themselves are composed of mats that are made from non toxic recycled plastic, which are vegetated with native marsh grasses," Costanza said.

The mats are expected to grow a root system to the water bottom, trap sediments and grow toward and tie into the adjacent marsh. It's expected to strengthen and flourish into a sustainable mass and serve as a fish habitat.

The islands will be installed approximately 60-100 feet from the edge of the existing wetland.

The anchors that will keep the islands in place will be installed today. The 17 islands will be installed tomorrow, weather permitting.

The project was funded with at $50,000 grant from the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Foundation, Inc.


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