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DA: Grand Jury Will Likely Hear Merritt Landry Case

DA: Grand Jury Will Likely Hear Merritt Landry Case

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro says he's not in a position yet to decide whether to accept or refuse charges in the Merritt Landry case, but he told Denny Schaffer Thursday he hopes to make a decision in the next 30 or so days.

"We are in the process of compiling the police reports which have been prepared in connection with this. We do not have everything as of yet," Cannizzaro said.

Merritt Landry is the Marigny homeowner who shot an unarmed black teenager who he spotted on his property in July.

Fourteen-year-old Marshall Coulter was shot once in the head and remains hospitalized. Landry faces an attempted second degree murder charge.

Cannizzaro also said the case will likely go before the grand jury, even though it's not a case that the grand jury must hear.

"That is not a case that is required to be presented to the grand jury because the penalty is not life or death," Cannizzaro said.





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