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Crews Work To Stabilize Damaged FQ Building

Crews Work To Stabilize Damaged FQ Building

Crews were working Wednesday to try to stabilize a portion of a three story apartment building that suffered a partial collapse on Tuesday afternoon.

No one was injured when a portion of the wall of the building collapsed in the 800 block of Royal Street sending bricks and a second-floor balcony to the street.

NOFD Superintendent Tim McConnell told Fox 8 on Wednesday morning "it's heavily, heavily damaged."

"A large section of the front right corner collapsed, the entire wall down the left side of the building collapsed," he said.

The chief indicated that it will be a "challenge" to stabilize the structure.

"It doesn't share a wall with the neighboring building but there's less than two feet between the two...so it's going to be a tricky situation."

McConnell didn't want to speak to the condition of the structure prior to the collapse.

"At this point I don't want to comment on what the total condition of the building was.  It's not stable enough to where we've been able to get inside just yet but we'll be able to do that at some time today."



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