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Clean Up On Royal St. To Take At Least 2 Days

Clean Up On Royal St. To Take At Least 2 Days

New Orleans Fire Superintendent Tim McConnell says it will take at least two days to complete the demolition and to remove the debris of a collapsed building in the French Quarter.

After suffering a partial collapse Tuesday, much of the rest of the apartment building in the 800 block of Royal Street fell to the ground less than 24 hours later.

McConnell notes contractors are working in close proximity to neighboring structures.

"We have the problem that the buildings are so close to each other here in the French Quarter and they all have some historic value so we want to be able to take this building down without causing damage to the neighboring properties," he told FOX 8.

He also says safety is an issue.

"At this point no one has been hurt and our goal is to keep everyone safe, the contractors included as well as the neighbors."

The chief says city officials notified the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality of the need for demolition.

"Due to the age of the building there are certain assumptions you have to make there could be hazardous materials" such as asbestos.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation but McConnell says there is no question that lack of maintenance was a factor.

"You could see there was a lot of rot and deterioration of the building," he said.


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