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40% Voter Turnout Projected For Citywide Elections

40% Voter Turnout Projected For Citywide Elections

Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters Sandra Wilson is projecting a voter turnout of around 40% for today's municipal elections.

The polls will be open until 8pm.

Voters citywide will elect a mayor, sheriff, coroner, criminal district clerk of court and the two at-large members of the City Council. District seats on the Council are also up for grabs.

"With so much public interest in this election, I think that the voters will come out," Wilson said.

But early voting numbers for the election are lower than they were four years ago, leading to speculation that turnout at the polls will also be low. But Wilson attributes the lower numbers partly to the loss of an early voting day.

"We did have one less day of early voting as we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King's Day," Wilson said.

She also expects the early voting numbers to increase because absentee ballots from the military and overseas are still coming in and haven't been counted yet.



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